The HartChart app is getting ready to take the next step. New features, an improved dashboard and very soon the TV Series HartChart Expansion are some of the new features you will find in The HartChart 2.0 version.

That is why we are calling on all of our fellow writers to migrate to the new version of HartChart. How is it done? Very simple; Fill out the form below requesting your current projects, upload them to the new version and voila!

Keep in mind that the old version of the HartChart app will only no longer available, so please make sure to request your files so you can utilize all of the new features the hartchart has to offer! 

But what´s new about the HartChart 2.0 version? Click here to find out.

Request for Migration

Request succesfull, you will recive an email with the following steps.

Check this Instructions Video to orient

you through the migration process. 

Get to know the new version, write to us, share your comments and above all find the pulse of your next story.

To be continued...

The HartChart Team